Chains- A cryptocurrency and NFT platform designed to allow users to earn, trade, invest and spend across multiple chains !

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most impressive technological tools of modern times, its popularity reverberating throughout the decentralized finance industry as it facilitates a fairly straightforward approach to transactions. translation and payment based on the use of digital tokens (cryptocurrency). The effectiveness of this tool shows its wide adoption across many different industries around the world including media, transportation and many others.

Descriptively, a blockchain can be thought of as an immutable virtual ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record unlimited financial transactions as well as other information as long as they valuable. More subtly, it is a digital spreadsheet that is replicated across a network of computers so that these computers update the spreadsheet on a regular basis. Blockchain is quite open and can be reconciled seamlessly due to the fact that the information on it is not stored in a single point or location but is shared and updated regularly. And the emergence of Chains a complete ecosystem where users can earn, trade and invest will probably bring users a benefit.


Chains is building a series of interconnected crypto-enabled solutions designed to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to users who are not investors or technologists. Chains’ long-term goal is to provide businesses and individuals with a single account. The experience spans the entire range of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services.

They are intended to allow users to earn, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies on various services and products across multiple chains via a single platform. The main purpose is to reduce the burden of having to learn the mechanics of other complex underlying technologies as much as possible. As a result, people can see that blockchain technology presents incredible innovation opportunities across the entire global supply chain. It has the potential to enhance supply chain traceability and transparency, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency. Some of the services that Chains plans to tap and offer include, but are not limited to:

  1. Earn — Invest — Spend single account experience.
  2. Token Launchpad
  3. Prism Analytics
  4. Cryptocurrency Exchange
  5. Services Marketplace
  6. NFT and Products Marketplace
  7. Payment Gateway
  8. Payment Cards
  9. Business Tokenization Launchpad — businesses integrated with can be tokenized, raising capital based on transparency of revenue and performance.
  10. Earned Income Credits (EIC) will assist market participants with surviving various shock scenarios.
  11. CHA Token — offering subsidies, discounts and enhancements across all Chains products

Alongside products aimed at addressing the speculative and financial utility of cryptocurrency, Chains is developing multiple products focused on the “Real Economy” — products designed to facilitate the use of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. The Marketplace and payment gateway products are designed to attract a new kind of user, one which does not perceive themselves as an investor and is not one to prioritise long term holding of cryptocurrency over using it as a medium of exchange.


CHA is the native cryptocurrency of the Chains ecosystem. It has the following token distribution:

CHA tokens are designed to provide users with utilities such as:

  1. Stake-based participation in the Launchpad
  2. Stake-based discount on trading fees
  3. Free discounts when using CA as a payment method
  4. Access to EIC (see: Marketplace)
  5. Payment Subsidies
  6. Discounts on Launchpad token sales

It’s important to note that users will be able to participate in the token sale and buy CHA exclusively through a launchpad on Chains. There are two primary subsidy pools, whose liquidity varies based on utility and transaction volumes.

  • CHA Revenue pool-used to subsidize payments in CHA
  • CHA Salary/EIC pool — used to subsidize underperforming sellers and freelancers on the platform

Those pools are replenished via an allocation of a fraction of the fees collected on the platform. Fees collected by the platform (regardless of the currency in which they are collected) are distributed as follows:

  1. 20% of the fee is allocated to the CHA Revenue pool.
  2. 20% of the fee is allocated to the CHA Salary Pool.
  3. 10% of the fee is converted to CHA (if needed) and then burned.
  4. 50% of the fee goes to the Chains platform to cover operational expenses.




You are probably seeing projects popping up today. Most crypto assets are not showing bullish movements in the future mixed market. But not all crypto assets work equally. There have been several winners on the upside. Chain gives us the benefits that I think everyone wants and does in this area. Our fair and transparent platform empowers both developers and investors, by allowing high-quality projects to distribute tokens, increase liquidity, and ensure fair token distribution for all participants.

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